I have been arrested…

…or at least threatened. 😮 I have been contacted by the blog police, and threatened within an inch of my life. I was told that I would even be arrested. (Of course, I have always wanted you to come see me, Mary. Make sure you bring the whole police force. *wink) But, it IS waaaaaay past time I updated this thing.

Sorry, it’s been so long. I realize I need to finish my story on my trip to the States. I left out the best part! 😀 …well, really it was all good. But, I still need to finish.

Wow, so where did I leave off? Let’s see…


Oh yes, I was recovering from my sickness. Although I was greatly disappointed that I didn’t get to meet the Hams, I did enjoy my time there in Broken Bow. Once my family got back from the trip down to LA, we settled in for a couple of weeks with my Mawdy (I think. …everything is a little fuzzy now that several months and church events plus a couple of family birthdays have passed; but I will get to that…next year. *wink*). I love the colors of Fall, I think it is probably my favorite time of year. In Honduras we have two seasons: hot and not so hot. Uh, sorry, I mean summer and…er..winter (if you can call it that.) *grin* I enjoyed walking down Mawdy’s driveway a snapping some pictures of all the colors

.Image                        Image

Of course, by the time we these pictures were taken, Oklahoma was really already in its winter. But, it had more autumn colors then Honduras ever does, so…

Trip to SDC, Thanksgiving 104


      These youngsters (*wink*) took themselves off for a romantic (read no-kids) date to celebrate their 19th wedding anniversary.

Trip to SDC, Thanksgiving 100

Once Mom and Dad had left, I took all the kids down to the end of Mawdy’s driveway. They had fun riding their bikes down to the end, and then they were all fascinated as I demonstrated how you could make the semi-truck drivers honk their horns. They didn’t believe me when there was no response from the first truck…however the next truck that went by was a different story, and they were hooked. …although, I am not sure who was having more fun–the kids, or the drivers?? I almost think they started radioing the guys coming behind. “There are a bunch of little kids, bundled up in winter coats. Yeah, I know it is only 70 out. Anyways, they are all lined up along the highway waiting for a truck to go by and honk.” Next driver was like, “Yeah, they even got ski caps on…and scarfs. *boisterous  laughter* Can you believe it?? Oh you guys, gotta see this.”



You can click on the pictures to make them bigger.

We also got to celebrate Thanksgiving with our extended family, which was incredibly awesome. It had been awhile since we had seen them, and forever since we had been with them over the holidays, so it was wonderful!! I am going to attach either a slideshow or gallery below, but absolutely HAVE to click on the pictures and read the captions. Toooooo much fun! We had loads of fun playing the Tortilla Toss-up (it actually had a more interesting name…but I can’t remember what it was. Help, Sue??), Knock-Down-the-Water-Bottles (instead of cans), and…I can’t remember what else. But, there were definitely lots of laughs. Oh, this was actually the night BEFORE Thanksgiving.




We had a wonderful time! There is so much more to tell, but I really need to head to bed. I was supposed to be in bed at 10:00, but I was waiting for the pictures to load. It is now 10:02…oh my. (Sorry, Mom! :/) So, I guess the rest will have to come tomorrow.

Until then,