Hold out for another year or two.

The older you get, the busier life seems to get. Of course, I am sure that has to do more with our choices than anything else, but sometimes it sure feels like life barrels right on without even asking us twice (or the first time).

I am not going to make any excuses or promises for my blog. *laughs* It is a sorry, seemingly forgotten, piece of my world. But, like I said, life has been crazy.

On July 5, we flew out of San Pedro Sula headed for a three week “sabbatical”. *Okay, I just looked that word up to make sure I had used it correctly. Come to find out, we did NOT have a three week sabbatical. More like a three week time of…R&R…kind of…* Although I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the States during March (and, yes, I realized I never blogged about that.), that trip was a real whirlwind. Thankfully this trip was much less hectic. We got to spend time with both sets of grandparents, and got to see many members of our extended family. That was a really enjoyable time.

The main attraction for this time, however, was Heritage (at least for me). Don’t get me wrong, I love my family. But I really enjoyed my time at Heritage. I am not sure where to start with Heritage.

This year, there was an incredible lineup of preachers. Each preacher was over seventy years old. They had so much wisdom and experience to impart with us, because of how many years they have lived, and how many things they have seen. God spoke through each of the elders there! The Word of God was amazing, in every service. And the Presence of God, especially during prayer, was absolutely amazing. God really cares about us young people. There was a very deep and real Spirit of God that could be felt in each service. Almost all the services ended in wave after wave of the Glory of God that no one wanted to leave.

I know that that simple paragraph does not do any justice to the conference, but I guess for me, there are really no words to truly be able to describe.

The fellowship was wonderful as well. I had such a wonderful time meeting (for the first time in person): Hanna Kifle, Bro. Coco Kifle, Andew Klann, and (my kindred spirit…unfortunately. haha) Cherie Marchbanks. Our group was rounded out by my other old (old being relative, of course) friends: Bethany and Nicole Wakefield, Mary Ginty, Cara Wilkins, Denae Abbott, and Johnny Collins. …last but not least, and most certainly not forgotten, Nathaniel and Sarah Schreckhise. This was the (pretty) well-rounded group that hung out together during Heritage. I am thankful for good friends that God puts in our life. We made lots memories…the majority of which I cannot remember right now. But, I will remember them when they count. (Like when I need to get someone back for something. 😀 muwahahaha)

Of course, I have like no pictures. I do have pictures of Garden of the Gods. That was a lot of fun, and really beautiful…but it will have to be a separate blog post.

Anyways, so that is the very abbreviated version of our trip to the States (this is what happens when I am doing this while I am tired). We got back last Tuesday. I have a testimony. As we traveled back to Honduras, I was praying a lot asking God to provide a job for me down here. I know my God is a prayer-answering God, but he blew me out of the waters. We got in on a Tuesday. Wednesday morning, I rode to town with my dad and left my resume at several different schools. A couple of hours after I left the last one, they called and basically offered me the job…without having met with me at all. By Thursday morning I had confirmed I had a job. So I am STBS’s newest (super excited) teachers assistant. Just found out today that I will be working in Kindergarten. Looking forward to what this school year will bring.

So that is the short abbreviated version of what is going on around here. Hope ya’ll enjoy it, and that enough to hold you over for another year or two. 🙂

That is, again the super abbreviated version of, what is going on around here. Hope ya’ll enjoyed.



4 thoughts on “Hold out for another year or two.

  1. Hanna says:

    STOP EVERYTHING FOLKS…Allana has posted at last! Haha! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this as well as recalling the many wonderful adventures and memories of Heritage 2015! Truly an unforgettable time that no words can accurately describe! Congrats again on the job, you will do GREAT! Looking forward to more posts and updates 🙂

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