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Thank you for your prayers!

To all of you who have been praying for Tonito’s family:

Thank you so much for all your prayers. Tonito received the best healing possible on Wednesday morning. He is now exploring all the wonders of Heaven. He is spending time with the Best Doctor. So, in a sense, this is a victory report. 

Please be in prayer for his family. Although, we know he is so much better than he has ever been, it is still so hard for his family. Let us bind together and ask God to comfort them during their time of grief. 


Please join us in prayer!!

Please join us in praying for a family in Tocoa. This couple has been coming to church for awhile, the wife (Sis. Sandra) got the Holy Ghost a couple years ago. Since then she has done her best to serve God and raise her children to serve Him as well. The husband (Bro. Tonio) has been coming as well, but has never got the Holy Ghost. As you might can imagine, this has been a little hard for Sis. Sandra…but she has been very faithful. 

Last December, one of their kids (Tonito, 7) was diagnosed with Leukemia. The only place he could get treatment was in the capital city, Tegucigalpa, which probably close to 12 hrs. from where they lived. They took their son there, and Sis. Sandra stayed with him there for three months at the hospital. But, they couldn’t afford to stay on so she brought Tonito home. They put him in the public hospital (which ,if you know anything about Hispanic countries—or at least Honduras—should tell you a lot) in their home town, Tocoa. If I am not mistaken, they haven’t really been able to treat him in Tocoa, but he has been in the hospital (I guess for the pain). 

Last night they told them there was nothing else they could do for Tonito, and let them go. The doctors told them to take Tonito on to San Pedro Sula, another main city that is about 5 hrs. away from Tocoa. The doctor in Tocoa basically said to take him to San Pedro where they would give him some meds that would basically tranquilize him until he died. Of course, they had didn’t want to take him last night, but he didn’t sleep at all. So, this morning they called the assistant pastor in Tocoa and asked if he could take them (they don’t have a vehicle).

My heart is so heavy as I write this post. To know that, in essence, they are taking their son to a hospital where they are basically just going to put him to sleep (forgive my rather “crude” manner of expressing this…but this is just reality) must be breaking their hearts. Would you please join us in prayer for this family. There are so many needs involved in this situation.

~Healing: Most of the doctors have said that they can’t do anything else to help him. This is especially the case many times in the public hospitals…everything’s free…but there is not a lot of help or good news to be had. We know that whatever happens, Tonito will be healed. The Lord is able to heal him RIGHT NOW–a complete remission. If the Lord chooses to take him to Heaven, then he will be healed as well.  

~Rest: They need both spiritual and physical rest. 

~Faith: Pray that the Lord would increase their faith throughout this time…no matter the outcome. You know, it is so easy for me to type up this post, and so easy for you to read it. But, there is a pain so real that is hanging over this family right now. 

Some of you know them, but many of you don’t. And sometimes it is harder to pray for someone you don’t know. But, let us bind together and touch the throne of God. He is able to heal, and he is able to comfort. Thank you for your prayers ahead of time.