I almost forgot…

We had a wonderful time with Bro. Tim Adams and his family! It was so good to see Bro. & Sis. Lagunes. …well, it was nice to see Charity… achum. 😉 Just Kidding! We love the Lagunes, and hope to see them down in Honduras sometime soon! And, hopefully they can bring the Adams. 




Well it’s about time…

…ya’ll remembered me. Here I’ve been slaving away writing lots of posts, and no one comes to check my blog. Why are you shaking your head??? *mask of confusion* Ha. Okay, yes, I know I have done a bad job at blogging lately…BUT…let us not forget other that have been equally lackadaisical. Well, maybe lackadaisical is a bit harsh. Umm…I think that…er…BUSY is a better word. HAHAHAHAHAHA Yeah, I know…I am laughing too. Well, instead of any excuses, how about I just blog? And….maybe we can just erase the recent months (as in the last year) from your minds. …at least in terms of this blog. Sound good? Great! I knew ya’ll would agree. Such great reader friends, I have, out there. Ya’ll are awesome. 😀

So… We just got back from our trip to the States. Boy, what a time we had!! And, all my AZ, OK, CA, MO -ian, and Canadian friends say YES!!! (Well, maybe not the Canadians. Didn’t see very many of you in the States, did I? Hmmm…you know, that now makes sense. Ya’ll are in a different country, eh?) So, back to our trip. Our trip had a very hurried beginning. Or something like that. (That was supposed to sound better then it did.)

Ramon y Yenisse's wedding 043

Ramon and Yenisse’s wedding.

For a couple months (or maybe longer) before our trip a couple of things had been going on. A couple in our church had been planning to get married. And, when I say planning, that what I mean. They kept planning, or rather not planning, and I felt sure we would never actually see them marry. At the same time, my grandma had planned a surprise birthday for my grandpa. His birthday is Nov. 4th. Write that down for future reference somewhere, there WILL be a test. Actually you will just need it for future reference. My grandma had wanted us to be at this surprise party for my Grandpa. (*pause* We will henceforth refer to them as Mawdy and Pawdy. :D) Now, where was I…?? Oh yes, Mawdy wanted us to be at Pawdy’s party. And, in case you were wondering, we wanted to be there too. I have quite a unique way of telling stories. Most things are not as they seem. Anyways… Although we really wanted to be at Pawdy’s party, we weren’t able to make plans for a flight before then because of our dear…er…indecisive couple. LOOOOOONG, long story short, the couple finally decided to get married on the 3rd of November. We then made plans to fly out the day after, and try to make it for Pawdy’s party on the night of…who remembers?? Oh, and did I mention we had a wedding the night before we fly out.

In typical Honduran fashion, the wedding started and hour late! 😀 Of course! So, needless to say, we made it home about 12:00. I finished packing the last minute things, and crashed. Then my alarm went off at 4:30, and that was the beginning of my trip to the States. Just in case you didn’t know (and you may want to write this down as well), four hours of sleep is NOT ENOUGH for a long trip. Ugh. …moving on.  We flew to the States (that’s the short version), and arrived very late in San Antonio…and my Uncle Bummy wants to go to eat and talk. We accomplished very little of either thing. 😀

Ramon y Yenisse's wedding 112

The wedding party

Oh, you know what, I just realized I lied. This couple in our church got married on the 2nd, and we flew out on the 3rd, which gave us a day to drive to Broken Bow, OK…and we were still late. Oh well! The rest of that week we had a great time being with both sets of grandparents. It also involved an unbloggable moment with a guy and “the will of God”. And all us girls say…oh, never mind! HAHAHAHA

That weekend, we (Mom, and us kids) had the privilege of meeting Bro. and Sis. Nathan Forrest. Unfortunately, they also brought their boys! But, somehow managed to bear through that weekend. HAHAHA I am just kidding, we had a wonderful time with the Forrest family at Steal Your Dollar City. We got to see the “Christmas Carol” play. It was awesome. We came away with great memories, and the song “God Made Me Special” stuck in our heads. I also rode a rollercoaster for the first time in my life. And, no comments about that…I am the comment moderator. I CAN, and will delete any comments about that ride. Very SCARY!!! 😀 HAHAHAHAHA We had service with the Forrest’s on Sunday morning. There was a sweet presence of the Lord in that place. The people of the Battlefield, MO church were very sweet, as well.


Waiting to watch The Christmas Carol.


In typical David fashion…we have no pictures of him. But, here are: Nathaniel, Josiah, and Daniel Forrest.


Riding the SCARY rides at Silver Dollar City!


More scary rides! …I should have stayed with the kids.








Everything was so pretty because of all the Christmas lights. Photocreds go to Sis. Vonda! Thank you!

Everything was so pretty because of all the Christmas lights. Photocreds go to Sis. Vonda! Thank you!

Sunday afternoon we got to meet Bro. Nathan’s Forrest’s brother, who up to that time we had simply called “Bro. Forrest’s brother” because we didn’t know his name. 😀 Every now and then, we were known to call him “The other Bro. Forrest.” But, I now know his name… So, we were privileged to meet the Bro. DAVID Forrest family. We had a wonderful time of fellowship with them. We set around eating the BEST SPINACH DIP EVER, and talking about buns..er…hair buns that is…and the beauty of Conair Hot Sticks!! It was so interesting, even the guys stuck around. Amazing, I know!! Or, maybe it was the Spinach dip.

Here are just the young people. From right going around the table: Kendra, Lydia, Me, Nathaniel, Josiah, David, and Daniel.

Here are just the young people. From right going around the table: Kendra, Lydia, Me, Nathaniel, Josiah, David, and Daniel.



Oh, I had almost forgotten. In all the hustle and bustle of being with other people (which is one of my favorite things to do).  We ALSO got to see The Miracle of Christmas at Sight and Sound.  It was very incredible.  We went with my Granny and Papa Schreckhise, and it was super fun. I LOVE their candied almonds…or whatever they call them. So good… (especially right now. Tip: don’t talk about food while on a fast. :-S) Anyways… Lots of fun memories at Sight and Sound. They dramatized it so well, and drover many special points of the Christmas story home to me. For one thing, I really realized how hard the whole thing was for Joseph. To choose to believe, and defend Mary, despite all that was said. I mean, he really had no guarantee that Mary wasn’t just making something up. Although, that would have been pretty far-fetched for an excuse. *smile*IMG_2263[1]

On Monday, we headed back to Broken Bow to be with Mawdy and Pawdy. Now, if I am not getting my days all mixed up, we spent several weeks there. Oh wait, I just remembered why. We were scheduled to travel down to Louisiana to be with Bro. Sam Ham (and his family :D), I think they heard I was coming, and had me poisoned. HAHAHAHA Okay, probably not! Actually, I think McDonalds was the culprit. But, either way, I got REALLY sick.  And, yeah, we won’t go into details. Just suffice it to say I was VEEEEERY sick. Blaaaaagh. I was very sad not to get to meet the Hams. I have heard such great things about them. Plus, I was looking forward to getting to meet Mallory Ham in person. I had “met” her through FaceTime…er…not the best of introductions to say the least.  Hopefully I will get meet ya’ll (if ya’ll read this) sometime soon.

Trip to SDC, Thanksgiving 095

Krysten and I

So, I stayed in Broken Bow with Mawdy, Pawdy, Charity, and Josiah. We had lots fun, and lots of yummy…oh never mind. (Excuse my tendency to think about food…at least today!) It was so good to see my friend Krysten again! So glad she loves me…through everything! She is a sweet girl. I also had a lot of fun helping out in Sunday School.

Well, I guess that is a good place to stop. This is Part I of our trip to the States. Seeing as this post has only got us up through the third week of November. Hope ya’ll have enjoyed it so far. If anybody has any details I have forgotten, please feel free to leave a comment. …unless it has anything to do with the rollercoaster ride.  >:-/

Until later,



Oh, one more thing…had the…er…job of babysitting these little ones. 😉 It wasn’t quite that bad. But, I did get some cute pictures. Enjoy!

Trip to SDC, Thanksgiving 049  Trip to SDC, Thanksgiving 047 Trip to SDC, Thanksgiving 054

Trip to SDC, Thanksgiving 043  Trip to SDC, Thanksgiving 067

Trip to SDC, Thanksgiving 066

..and the three queens of…something! 😀 

Have a great day!