Pictures of service Sunday Morning at camp.



Apparently the only pictures we got Sunday morning were of the people that got the Holy Ghost. So…enjoy!



Pictures from Sunday School!


The young people and the adults sitting in the back during Sunday School.ImageImage




















The kids during Sunday School. Sorry the pictures are a little dark.




Pictures of the Minister’s fellowship at our house Saturday Night

Every year at camp, we have all the ministers over to our house after one or both night services to eat at our house. This year we went with sub sandwiches, and desserts. We had them over Friday night and did everything up fancy. Saturday night was a little more relaxed. We had the desserts that were leftover from Friday night. Everyone just sat around and had a time of fellowship and it was wonderful. Here are the pictures!


The ladies. L to right around the circle: (starting with the lady with the red flower on her shirt) My lovely grandmother–Sis. Judy Schreckhise, Sis. Claudia, Sis. Mirian, Sis. Mavi, Sis. Yesenia, Sis. Mom :), Claudia (sis. Mirian’s niece), Sis. Isabel, Sis. Delmis


Us “young people”, although I am not in the picture!


Another picture of the ladies. I apologize again about the blurry pictures.


The men. From L to R starting with the man in the blue shirt sitting in front of the door: That is my uncle Marc, Bro. Elder (yes that is really his name, but he is only around 28 :D), Bro. Bairon, Bro. Dad, Bro. Adan, Bro. Jose C, Bro. Jimmy, Bro. Selvin, Bro. Walter, Bro. Daniel Schreckhise (my grandpa).


The whole group from a different angle.


Bro. Jose and Sis. Leslie from Siguatepeque.












Hope ya’ll enjoy!



Pictures from Saturday–Camp!


I was with the girl in the black shirt, a few minutes after this picture was taken, when she got the Holy Ghost.


This little boy was just too cute to resist. I had to take a picture. The man in the white shirt is one of the our pastors, and he is also the little boys dad. It was the sweetest thing to see this little boy praying, but every now and then he would open his eyes and look around!! 😀




Another young lady that got the Holy Ghost Saturday night! (One of my favorites parts of this picture, though, is the big grin on the pastor’s face)


This sweet girl got the Holy Ghost too. The man and woman praying with her in this picture are her parents who were presented as authorized (is that the right word?) ministers the next day!


Pictures of Camp – Friday Night Service






Hey guys,

I finally got the pictures of camp up…or at least the pictures of the service Friday night. Sorry that some of them are blurry. The first one is of my uncle Marc preaching. The next few pictures are of during the service and the last ones are the altar call and a girl that got the Holy Ghost (I think that night, although I am not completely sure). Enjoy!








Part II – Adventure of a Lifetime

So where did we leave off? Oh yeah. The one, SMALL hotel room with all of us girls. As you may have already guessed, us girls stayed that night in the room. But, when we got to the hotel it was only 4:00ish, and we needed to be at the pastor’s house to eat at around 5:00. Actually it was more like 4:15 or 4:30. We were supposed to leave in thirty minutes, and everybody wanted to shower. Uh…needless to say, we were a little late. I mean, think about it, it was SEVEN people in ONE room with ONE bathroom. We had less than five minutes each, and that included brushing our teeth and doing our hair. HAHA Yeah right! 

When we finally left about 5:45, everybody was pretty hungry. But, we were very glad to have finally arrived. 

Supper that night was delicious. We had fried chicken, green beans, and potato salad. All that was great, but the best was yet to come. We had service that night. There were 15 of us from La Ceiba, and about 15 people there from the community packed into that little living room. Being there smart, intelligent young lady that I am…I left my camera at home. Oops! Yep!

But the service was wonderful. The majority of the people were young people that were there have already received the Holy Ghost, so we had some mega church. There were some visitors from the area, as well. Bro. Bairon preached a good message on the one and only way to be saved. It was a really good service all together. 

That night, we got back to the hotel…and…well…the floor was literally covered with a full-sized mattress. You have to understand that the room was probably about 12’x15′. There was already a full size, and a twin size bed. And the leftover floor space was the size of the other full sized mattress. There was a little bit of “discussion” between some of the girls, but it was finally determined where everybody would sleep. Our youth pastor’s wife and little boy would sleep on the twin; two of of the girls on the full (the big regular one on the boxsprings); and me, sarah, and Francis (the three “skinny” girls) would sleep on the OTHER full mattress (the one on the floor). After all that was determined, we turned off the light and settled in to sleep…I thought. 

I was drifting off to sleep, then SUDDENLY a symphony of noises erupted in the room. It was a noise that came from all sides of the room, and literally seemed to start all at once. THREE of the seven people in the room SNORED. …and I CAN NOT sleep with people snoring! (Yes, I hear you laughing!) The good part is, I can laugh about it too…NOW! 

When morning finally came, it was a scramble once again for the bathroom. Because of the tight schedule the day before, some of us girls hadn’t showered. We thought to do it in the morning, only…apparently the girls that had showered the day before wanted to again so… (Same song, second verse) At least we had hot water! 

Our plan on this Friday was to headed even farther up the mountain to another little work that was coming together on what seemed (once we got there) the top of the mountain. We didn’t know what we were in for. We had to hire a pickup truck to take us up the mountain because our 15-passenger van wouldn’t make it, we knew. 

I rode in the pickup bed with the majority of the young people. I sat in the back left corner of the pickup. I didn’t know at the time, but that was a bad idea. As we were pulling away, some men from the community that knew the truck driver, jumped on the back. I ended up sitting almost in the lap of I guy I didn’t know at all. I say almost because he sat up on the edge, and I sat down inside. That was the ONLY thing that kept me out of his lap. VERY AWKWARD. It got worse though. We started climbing the mountain. It was so steep in many places that, although I was trying to hold on to the side, I still kept sliding even further against this guy. AAAH! Oh, did I mention that when I was sitting cross-legged and I couldn’t get my feet out from under me. I had no leverage. It was bad. 😀

We made it safely to the top, though. Now, we only rented the truck part of the way up the mountain. The rest of the way we planned to walk. It was probably a good thing that he decided to take us all the way. The truck that we had rented was one of those big Dodge trucks. Once we turned off on to the last stretch of road, where we should have started walking, things got pretty interesting. Several times during the drive, a back or front tire would be hanging off the edge of the road–leaving us to gaze peacefully terrified down the edge of the mountain. (Again, I regretted not taking my camera. Maybe there were pictures on one of the iPods) About halfway on that little road (where there was obviously no turning around space), the driver yelled to one of the guys on the back. He said: “Hey (insert guy’s name), is there room to turn around down there?” The road kind of went back down a little bit. The guy answers, “Yeah, sure!” The driver rolls up the window. The guy in the back mumbles, “I think!” We all laughed then. We didn’t laugh when we got to the bottom of the hill. There was NO place to turn around. AT. ALL. 

Long story short: He tried turning around in the small non-space that was there, and got stuck in some mud. The guys had to throw lots of rocks under the wheels, pick up the back of the truck (no I am not kidding), AND use four-wheel drive to get the truck turned around. The driver proceeded to astound us even more and said he would wait, and take us back. It was a blessing! 

So we walked up to the other pastor’s house. We had a wonderful time up there as well. We had fried chicken, and a tour of his coffee plantation. Then we had a really good service. There was a baby dedication. Even the choir got to sing! There was a sweet presence of God. I will confess to being a little sleepy after my sleep-less night. There were also several young people that got the Holy Ghost at our camp meeting, and they had decided to get baptized. Altogether there were 7 people that got baptized including a kid that was nine years old. 

When we were at the creek baptizing, I saw the driver and the young men that was with him watching the baptisms. Maybe there was a seed of curiosity planted in his heart. I hope. 

After all that, we made our way back up the hill, and down the mountain. I made sure to sit up close to the cab on the trip back. HAHAHAHAHA 

We had another service that night. There were no visitors, but we had a wonderful time. The prayer that night was amazing. We also had a wonderful time of fellowship after the service. I think we had all hit that time of night where everything was funny. It was a night full of laughs. When we got back to the hotel, us girls split into two rooms. Thankfully, all the snorers were in the other room. Don’t get me wrong, I love them all…even if they DO snore, but I was ready for some sleep. 

The next day we had to head home. As we packed up, and headed to the pastors house for the last meal, everybody was talking about what a great trip that we had. After we ate breakfast and hit the road, there were many comments from young people that didn’t want to leave. 

I shared those sentiments. The spirit and attitude of the people up there was so sweet and refreshing. They live in constant thankfulness, it seems. They are happy with so little. I guess they have learned the secret of being content in all situations. I know they are not perfect, yet, there is so much that I need to learn from them. In their service, simple though they may have been, there was a deep hunger for God. There was a genuine longing to know Him better, and to have a relationship with Him.

The trip home was mostly uneventful, except for it taking 10 hours. Yet, each and every one of us young people came home with our hearts full. I came back changed from that trip, and  I hope I always remember the lessons learned on that trip. 


Lesson # 1: Always pay attention on those dirt roads (whew) 😀


Our mini, youth “missions” trip a.k.a. Adventure of a Lifetime

The week after camp, our youth group set out on quite the adventure. You may ask yourself: why did she call it a mini, youth “missions” trip? Because it was all of those things!  Mini because there were only a few of us. There was mostly young people, thus the youth part. I included missions because it was some of our boys and girls that were headed for a very backward mountain, and even before we set out I knew it was they were going to a mission field. Maybe I should have added funny. Funny because they had NO idea what they were in for!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

The Thursday after Campmeeting ended on Sunday, not quite fully recovered from Camp, we set out on a trip. There were ten young people, our youth pastor and his wife, and their little 3-year-old (of whom I could write a WHOLE paragraph…but I won’t *grins*). Our destination a wee spot on a faraway mountain, and our mission was to encourage two small congregations that were rising up there. Okay, so maybe the mountain wasn’t quite the far away, but our mission was real. We simply wanted to encourage and support. If good intentions were enough, our trip would have been incredible. …but sometimes, good intentions are not enough. 

Our first service was Thursday night. We knew the trip would take about 8 hours, so we planned accordingly by leaving 6 A.M. The first part of the trip went great. It was all paved roads, then we hit the FOUR-LANE HIGHWAY. Yes, we four-lane highways…er…a four-lane highway…one. So that part of the trip was great, and the first five hours passed fairly quickly. Even after we turned off that main freeway (if I might call it that!) onto the highway that went toward the mountainous destination, things seemed to be going fine, so the majority of us dozed off. I mean, we have been traveling for over five hours, been up since before any smart human being would be, and we just made our last bathroom stop before our final destination three hours away. The smart thing the to do was not drink anything and go to sleep. Although, I don’t know if that was true for everybody, it is true that we were all pretty much asleep. 

This smaller higheway that we turned off onto, we had heard, eventually became a smaller paved road that would then turn into a small dirt road. Not to fear, it would then turn back into a paved road after about twenty minutes. (No it isn’t magical) Our youth pastor, Bro. Bairon,  was riding up front with the only young man in our youth that can drive–Ramon!  Bro. Bairon had visited the very village that we were headed for many time before, so we assumed he knew the way. Although, apparently he had learned the no-drink-go-to-sleep rule too, as time would tell. The rest of the trusting youth group slept soundly in the back leaving it up to them to get us there safely.

Side note to the audience: Ramon had been up to said village before, ONCE; and I had also been to said village, ONCE. But I was asleep. I don’t know what Ramon’s excuse was. So…let the record show…


Even as I slept, I felt the transition from bumpy paved road, to knock-your-brains-out dirt road. It didn’t bother me though, because I knew it would only last about twenty minutes. But, in my semi-conscious state, I felt those twenty minutes drag into thirty and then to forty. I knew something was not right, so I dragged my self out of sleepy-by. The hard knock of my head on the window probably helped, too. I was still blinking and shaking my head, when I began to process the conversation going on up front. It was going something like this:

Ramon: Bro. Bairon, are we about to the pavement?

Bro. Bairon: Well, I don’t know, we should have hit it a long time ago. You know I actually heard that they were going to pave all this area. Man, but I don’t remember this area. 

Ramon: I don’t recognize it either, but what is really strange that we haven’t even hit the paved road again yet.

Bro. Bairon: You know…  You see those big rocks alongside the road…  I wonder if the tore out the old pavement to be able to put down the new?? You think??

Ramon: You think this is the area where the pavement used to run?

Bro. Bairon: You think?

Well, if I wasn’t awake before, I was awake now. Ha. I sat right up, and tried to recognize the road around me. No doing. I didn’t recognize anything. Then I hear a little more conversation.

Ramon: Bro. Bairon, do you think we were supposed to take the other side of that Y a little way back. 

By now we had been traveling on this road for an hour since we passed the before mentioned Y. Twenty minutes later, most of the young people are awake, and most of them have now been made aware of our predicament. Although, I have NO clue how they found out. I am certain it had nothing to do with a certain girl sitting in the front seat of the van, the same girl that is typing up this post. But if it did…I don’t know what to say…. 😀 As we are driving along, we come upon a road-working crew (maybe they were tearing up more pavement? *snicker*), and our hero, who also doubles as our pastors wife, told suggested to our driving crew that they stop and ask directions. Thankfully they did. 

Bro. Bairon: (rolls down window) Is this the road to San Juan? (Our destination)

The guy Bro. Bairon asked looked him at a little strangely, then turned to another guy close by him and proceeded to ask him the same question. The other guy shook his head and said, “Ay Senor, this is the wrong road. You should have turned off the this road back at that Y. Sorry, you’ll have to turn back.” A collective groan rose in the van, and we turned around and started the long road back. Two good things came from this, though. 1.) Although our driving crew hadn’t said anything to us, they were a little worried about the fuel. But, despite driving along this road a hour and twenty minutes, it only took us 45 minutes to get back–and our gas gauge never dropped. 2.) Those workers had something to keep them entertained for the rest of the week, or at least the rest of the day. 

Needless to say, we finally found the right road and made it to the village that we were intending to visit, but we had to travel another 30 minutes to get to the village where we would be sleeping the two nights. Now, we are talking WAY up in the mountains, no call-ahead-and-reserve. HAHAHA …which leads me into my next part of the story. This little town has only three hotels (if you can call them that). We headed to the first one, and all of us girls started getting just a tad nervous. I think we all breathed a sigh of relief when our youth pastor came out and said there was only rooms with a public bathrooms, so we wouldn’t be staying there. We went onto the next one, and I all of us were breathing pretty easy, because it looked nice and clean. Our youth pastor heads in, and stays in the office for a little bit. When he comes out, he goes and checks one of the rooms with a lady from the office, then he heads back to the van.

Bro. Bairon: Good news, they have rooms…bad news there are only three rooms.    (We actually needed four) But, they will have another room tomorrow night. It will just be tonight that we have to squish.

Girls: Well, Bro. Bairon, it looks really clean! 

Bro. Bairon: Oh, we are definitely staying here, I just wanted to let you girls know…that ya’ll girls are staying together tonight. Us boys will take the two rooms upstairs. 

None of the girls complained, but we were all looking at each other like…well I don’t even know what we were looking like. To give you an idea of what this meant: the room was about 12’x15′ and there was two beds. A double, and a twin. The lady promised to bring one more double mattress in to throw on the remaining floor space. But, there was 7 of us (including youth pastor’s little boy).

So with that note I close part 1 of this adventure. I know you all want to know what happened to us girls. Well, here is a hint. We stayed there, and they didn’t get any more rooms, and the boys still stayed in the two rooms upstairs. Does that tell you anything?? I hope so because that was actually three clues.

Part II coming soon…

May we keep you constantly entertained with all that is going on in our world,