Congratulations, Becca & Kyle!!

They FINALLY got married a couple of weeks ago on March 10th! Yeah, and all of you are thinking…why are you JUST NOW posting about that. 😀 Well there is actually two reasons.

First reason: Well, I will be honest and confess it all right now. You see I have issues with keeping grudges and well…  I kind of consider Becca as someone special, and well… See… I really don’t appreciate the fact the someone I DON’T EVEN KNOW came and took her… and… well… See… I am not the only one with issues like these…. and there are a LOT of people down here that really liked Becca, BROTHER KYLE…achum…so…  😀 HA I am just kidding.

The second reason which is probably the REAL reason is that I haven’t had time. And that is not ENTIRELY correct either. I think the correct way to write that sentece would be to say I haven’t made time. ..which just happens to COMPLETELY defeat the supposed idea that I “REALLY” love Becca! OOPs…  SEe that is what I get for confessing in public! URG I greatly dislike (not hate) confession. (I don’t care how good it is for the soul…nobody mentioned public humiliation)

Anyways…to Mr. & MRS. Kyle Burbank…a HUGE congratulations urg, wordpress, where is your font size button…hmm…maybe this is it. Congratulations! no…that was just to change the font style. Umm… Well… I guess this will have to do. CONGRATULATIONS!!! All caps was as LARGE as I could get!

Love ya’ll and may the Lord bless you (and all your 12 kids. It’s cheaper by the dozen they say!) in the many coming years together!

Til’ next time,                                                                                                                                                                            HonduranChikka


Happy Birthday, Sarah!

I cannot believe that my “baby” sister is twelve today! AAAH!!! 😀 Has time passed quickly or what? It makes me feel old and I am not that old. (I think) Sarah is officially in the YOUTH group now and is she ever more excited. LOL We had our monthly youth birthday party on Saturday and she got included. She even got the traditional egg-on-the-head! That was her favorite part…NOT!! Anyways…Happy Birthday, little sis!