God is working!!

I can say that God DOES still answer prayers, even when we often doubt!

We had a good service on Sunday. The Lord really moved! We have needed it for soo long. We had some backsliders in church and one was really praying and broken in the alter! Being the smart-prepared-MK kind of girl that I am, I didn’t take the camera so… I don’t got pictures. But…I got good news! 😀 That counts for something, right???

Sunday School has been incredible! OH!!!! God is soo good! I know that it is ridiculous to doubt, but, I still have my moments! I’m sorry, I’m just honest. (and human)

In other news, I am noticing that I can’t write in English anymore! HA Any other MKs reading this might can relate. Although after reading the thewakefieldsinmexico.blogspot.com I’m not so sure!

I’ve been having more picture fun too, so I thought I would link some of the pictures. But, if you want to see all the pics you’ll have to go check them out: hcsphotographyandcreations.blogspot.com

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A case of the busyness

So I know everybody has been wondering where I have been. Well, here I am! 😀 I did NOT fall of the face of the earth! I didn’t die (obviously!!!)! I didn’t get a real bad sickness that either. I just got…you know…BUSY! Have you ever had that before? Yeah, well suffice it to say that busyness and be AWFUL! I am still recovering seeing as I haven’t really gotten over my case of busyness, but I have definitely been doing better! 😀 So I know you are all wondering what gave me my case of busyness. (what? you weren’t wondering? well…get over it cause I am going to tell you anyways) Or rather I am going to show you!

(For more pictures: hcsphotographyandcreations.shutterfly.com)

That left you quiet didn’t it! HA! LOL Just kidding!

Anyways…that’s something to tide you over for now! I will post more pictures and such…when I feel like it! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (or something like that) 😀

Til next time,