So I got to thinking, you know I really DO have better stuff do with my time so…I guess this is kind of like an apology for letting you down on the normally great content (I hope) of my blog. I will be posting more um….mature…no…spiritual…no…ok more Allana-like stuff on the next post.



Just curious

I think I mentioned in the last post that I had a birthday while Iwas in the States…well…I got pictures done to celebrate that. Well,actually my grandma took them (she is almost professional) and I fixed themup. 
And now….a word from our sponsor.
*Announcer voice* Takingpictures, but they just don’t look right? You love the pictures but the colorsoff and you don’t know what to do? Well, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. I,here at Allana’s Picture Conversion, personally guarantee great looking homephotos, and professional quality. 
I’m sorta kidding. But I do enjoy fixing up SOOC(Straight out of Camera) pictures to make them look as professional aspossible, so if you ever want some pictures fixed up just send them to me…

Now, back to what I was saying: I fixed the picturesthat Mawdy (my grandma) took; although another note, she has a real nice camerathat made things very easy for me. 😀
I like them all, HA, but I am curious which ones ya’lllike best. Why? Uh…just because! 😀 

I know you are probably thinking “doesn’t she have something better to do withher time.” Probably.






Anyways, go vote in the sidebar. This is going to gothrough the 25th of December. Remember, it is also anonymous, so no I am not spying on ya’ll. Of course if youwant to leave me a comment on one or more of the pictures, please feel welcome.

‘Til next time,

Plane trip to the States and the following days…

…I always have such original titles don’t I! HA…

Our trip started out about 8:00 P.M. Sunday: October 16th. Well, that is when we arrived at the airport. Our plane didn’t leave until 12:00 o’clock Monday morning, but then, I woke up at like 5:30 Sunday morning, so I really don’t know when the adventure started. But I do know that that was a loooooooong night and we didn’t make it to Atlanta till 8-9:00 Monday morning…and I didn’t get to sleep til late that night! 😀 But it was worth it. We got to hang out with the Copelands, and we got to see Sis. Zaida and Alex, but…it was a VERY long two days.

On Monday we went up to a neat, old German village where we even saw a working mill that has been there since…uh…a long time ago. LOL Seriously, you guys, it was really old, but I don’t remember exactly HOW old. (And know I’m not THAT old either. You know…so old I can’t remember anything.) I asked Mom and Dad and they don’t remember either, so I feel better! On the way back we saw a neat old-time looking store (Which I heard is really not that old, Sis. Copeland! *wink*), horse drawn carriages, and even an Indian burial ground.

On Tuesday we got up early and drove all the way to close to Russelville, AR to be with my grandparents. We went to church with them on Wednesday, but other than that we really didn’t get out much and had a real good time just hanging out at Granny and Papa’s. One other thing we did go out for though was family pictures. This is one of the first times (that I can remember) that they came out relatively well in a relatively small amount of time. ( I will have to attach some of them later)

On Friday we grilled hamburgers out on the back deck for my birthday. IT. WAS. COLD.  Ya’ll forget that we  have been living in really hot weather lately, and to come back to 50-60 degree weather, well…let’s say we never went far without our jackets.

Then Saturday morning we got up early and drove up to the Boswell area to Pawdy’s deer camp for an all day birthday celebration…ON MY BIRTHDAY. Do you know how long it has been since I have got to celebrate my birthday on the actual day of my…well…birthday. 😀 It has probably been a couple of years. Needless to say we had fun. Like the lots of family+a great marshmellow fight+a couple of fourwheelers+some stay-up-late-kind-of-silliness    kind of fun. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions. I got lots of cards…and money! WOOT-WOOT! To all my family, you know the whole reason I invited ya’ll was the money…right?!?!?!?! 😀 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I am SOOO JUST KIDDING! Oh, and Joe, once again, thanks soooooo much for the baking soda in bathtub.

But we did have fun and I got lots of gifts. Well, a few (not counting the money). But one of my favorites was the cookbook that everyone did for me. Everybody brought some of their favorite recipes and combined it into one cookbook. That means that I have like almost 100 of the best recipes, from some of the best cooks. And I know they are good because I have already tried some of them. So if anybody needs some good recipes, just let me know. I got breakfast, lunch, supper, and dessert covered.

That was the first week of our trip, and I have some Agatha Cristie (actually a computer game), or maybe some phase 10 or Ratuki (Yeah, Krysten!). Anyways, I will do my best to update my blog sometime next week.

Until then Bloggie friends,

Back to the grind…er…fun!!

Wow, our vacation is coming to an end…and what a trip it has been (although I am not sure that you can call it a vacation). Sitting in a airport waiting for our next and last flight on our way home, I would have to say that I have mixed emotions. Yet, slowly but surely the excitement of being back home, in the saddle (and in my own bed) is winning out. I am excited about all the things that are to come, but I will post about all those things in the future, in the meantime. Travel back with my about three-four weeks, and let’s revisit our exciting trip to the states.

(Wow, that was a really good summary sentence, but…it really was no big deal!) Anyways…