A shout out to Mary

Ok, I know this is really, really, bad….but we are almost through September, and I had NO clue that Mary Ginty had selected me as her blogger friend of the month. I consider Mary a great friend, even though we haven’t ever  REALLY had the chance to get to know each other. It feels like we have learned all about each other from our blogs.  Anyways…I am very honored that Mary chose me!!!

You all need to go check out Mary’s Blog, she has some of the funniest posts ever.  But…she has some thought provoking stuff too. So check it out.

Thanks again, Mary,

P.S. So sorry I just now found out.  😀


The day that I shut Lydia’s head in the door.

Well, it was a Sunday as I recall. Bright, sunny, and HOT!!!! To top that off, we didn’t have electricity. So that means no fans. We did have a wonderful service, no doubt…but I think we were all happy to get in the van and the AIR CONDITIONING!!! Oh yeah!

So we were doing the rounds, dropping people off after church, and along the way we were teasing Josiah. Why? Well, whenever he shuts the van door he always sticks his head WAAAAAY out, then starts slamming the doors. No worries, he always pulls it in RIGHT at the last minute. But we were telling him that one day he was going to miss it (or should a say: mistime it) and get his head. Mom was very sympathetic: “…and when you do…we are all gonna laugh!”

So on the way back Mom decided that we could do hamburgers for lunch, but, we needed hamburger buns. So we stopped off at a gas station, and I was going to run inside and pick some up. I jumped out of the van, turned, glanced to see if anybody was there (there wasn’t), and slammed the door.

…Ok…let me rectify. I TRIED to slam the door, but encountered resistence: Lydia’s head. Only I didn’t realize it was her head. I didn’t realize, that is, until I heard. AH! AH! AH! It was like short, sharp screams. It was a frightening sound. I ran back to see what it was and found Lydia holding her and and making her weird “AH!” noises.

Needless to say, she is still alive today. She is actually more than alive…she is just fine. But it shook us all up a bit. LOL

Moral of the story: Don’t make hamburgers for lunch on Sundays. If you do…someone will get hurt. JK The true moral of the story is look before you slam a door. Or maybe…don’t slam doors at all!


Back to life…

What a wonderful time I had up in Canada!! Truly incredible. Yet, when I arrived home the sweat, a chirp, and full day of school welcomed me back to the real world. The sweat was from…well…I let you guess.  (Hint: I wasn’t nervous). The chirp well…some of you may have heard about the two guineas we um…adopted…well…I guess they got lonely. LOL And to be honest it was way more than ONE chirp…try 13 chirping voices ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Makes for great rest…NOT!! HA! And then last…but certainly not least was the full day of school. Now you are probably thinking…every day of school is full. Well, you are right, but then again your wrong. Let me explain. In the curriculum we use, the is 36 weeks of worked to be accomplished in one year. I am a year behind, so my dear mother had a fantastic idea. Lets cram 36 weeks of school into 17!!! Doesn’t that sound like a GREAT way to solve our problem??? 😀 Anyways…I will need your prayers…and it is not as bad as it sounds…I just like to exaggerate things for the audiences’ sake! (You know you enjoy it)

Anyways. Until next time.

Stuff to look for in the days ahead:

The day I smashed Lydia’s head in the door
The baby guineas
lots of other great things!!


Ok, I am finally back to the blogging world!! LOL It is like a breath of fresh air. It has been too long… Thank you once again, Bro. Tyson! I LOVE the new computer! It is nicer than mine.

I am also FINALLY home. To…ummmm…Kayla’s Mom…cause I can’t remember you name!! URG…hate it when that happens. I made it home without any problems…except sitting in an airplane for an hour and a half before taking off!

Anyways…new stuff coming soon! 😀

‘Til then,