Someone better thank the Wakefields…

…for putting me on their missionary friends list! WHY?? Because it got me blogging again (if only for a moment). It is very embarrassing to see Allana Schreckhise, missionary to Honduras…ONE MONTH AGO!!! WHAT!!! That can’t be so…here I am. I have no idea what I’m going to post about…but don’t doubt it…  Today. I. Will. Post. …even if it kills me. Now the heat might do that before Blogger does, but either way…I am going to post. When I get done I am going to look at the Wakefields blog and my name will be right at the top!!! HA  Take that, Allana! (Sometimes talking to yourself can help!) 😀

Well, in other news, the aprons are off! If you have no idea what I am talking about, don’t worry about it. But, RIOT is looking more and more possible. Now, I haven’t bought my ticket yet, and I haven’t landed yet, and I am DEFINITELY not at RIOT yet so…no promises yet!!! LOL But, it IS definitely looking more and more possible. And I will say this…I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!!  Getting the aprons done and sent is definitely a load off my back. Thank you to all who have contributed to my fund! I really appreciate it. I better not start listing names because inevitabley (sp?) I will forget someone!

Great things have been going on in our church and youth group. New people are coming, and unfortunately some are going, but on thing is sure: No matter who is here or not here, God WILL raise up a church in Honduras. He is already doing it! 😀 There have also been a  couple new daughter works opening up, more contacts and possibilities…I am excited! The best part is, I get to be a part! I can’t really imagine not being here.  So…FUTURE HUSBAND, if you are reading this, TAKE NOTE!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I’m only kidding, Dad!

Well, I think it is enough for now! Oh, and, post ideas would be appreciated! Just email:  (Original I know, but at least its not name@gmail/yahoo/…talk about originality!)

’til next time,