Ok…to begin this post you all need to know something! 😀 I LOVE KIDS! 😀 I mean really love them…sometimes I think I regret loving them so much like when I end up short on help in my S.S. class, or am asked to keep the kids at home while my parents go out on a date night! *wink* Those kind of moments make me want to reconsider…but I don’t! 😀 I still LOOOOOOOVE kids! So, occasionally there will be those moments when really they are just too cute for the own good.

Like when Lydia was caught sneaking candies from Mom’s room…so she ran into the living room, threw herself on the couch, and covered her head with a pillow. Mom proceeded to ask her: “Lydia, why did you eat the candy?” Amid the sniffles her response came: “Mom, I was hungry!” BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Mom is supposed to be getting her in trouble for eating the candies right, but she turns around and starts shaking with laughter, albeit silent laughter! (Fortunately Lydia still had her head under the pillow) 😀

Then just today we set down to breakfast and Nathaniel proceeded to go on and on about the dog that my cousins just got. After listening to Nathaniel for a minute, Josiah turned to him and said, “Hey, bubby, what brand was the dog??” RFLOL

Sometimes kids are just too cute! 😀 That’s one of the reasons I guess that I still love them! 😀



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