It’s Elderly Month!!

It’s Elderly Month at Peculiar Treasures!!! It is awesome!! You really need to go check it out!! You want a laugh?? Peculiar Treasures has it for you!!! Just click here!! Oh and make sure that you leave a comment telling them what a great job they are doing making people laugh!! 😀

~Honduran Chikka


Our FANTASTIC vacation!!! LOL

Hey ya’ll, I got some great news!! I got some new pictures up. The link is on my homepage!!  We went on this reallly looooong vacation (it was two days long)…so I put some pictures up. Make sure you read all the captions! 😀

It was quite the experience. First we get there and someone needs to go to the restroom and there is NO toilet paper. Ok, that is not a problem we just ask for some, right?? Wrong…toilet paper is not provided. We were like…hmmm….ok. Thank goodness we always keep a roll in the van otherwise…well I don’t want to think about it!! LOL Find out they also provide the water cooler thingie, but they DON’T provide water…we’re going…okaaaay. Get ready to wash some dishes and find out that although they do have nice cookie sheets, they have no kitchen towels! Then we just start looking around and under the coffee table there was a really neat looking keepsake box thingy. Mom picked it up thinking: Wow, this ought to be cool. Open it up and we found christmas trim, some crayons, a couple of balloons and some white string. Mom was like: Well, that was…ummm…INTERESTING!!!!

Well, I offered to help “make” supper…which equaled heating up leftovers from Bible School. Nathaniel offered to help me…well…actually he was kinda pressed into service (Isn’t being the oldest great?? *wink* jk) So we go to soften some butter in the microwave…and….nothing happens. We can’t set the time for some weird reason. Me and Nathaniel both fiddled with and nothing happened so we ended up softening the butter in the toaster oven! RFLOL Hey…whatever works. So I am heating hamburgers and notice that the stove has three small burners and one big. Not a problem, just kinda funny…until…we find out that the ONE big burner doesn’t work! LOL (That must be why my hamburgers are still cold!) So right about that time Dad comes over and he says: “So the microwave isn’t working, huh?” He fiddles with it a few seconds, pushes a few buttons and what do you know…he is got it running!! I was like: “WHAT??? Cool…what did you do??” He said…”Uh, I just pushed the clear time button.”…and walked off. I wanted to crawl under the 10 in. cabinet/bar…but it was 10 in. wide so… Like, duh, Allana…what about the clear button. After we got all the appliances working and the pans on the right burners so that the stuff would actually heat, everything else went really well.

Not sure exactly when somebody had the idea to listen to the iPod. We have two. One is us girls and one is my parents. So we picked mine up and stuck it in. I have some great stuff in there…I even had the preaching from RIOT!! Except…there is one problem…I synced my iPod wrong and now I have only one song…and it is not really a song it is the intro to an album and it is just sounds like someone is tuning a radio to a certain station and then it gets to the right one which is supposed to lead into the album but since I don’t have the rest of the album we have a slight problem. LOL So we get out Dad’s which has a bunch of music some of it great some of it not so much….only one problem there too…almost all the albums are named simply: Album. The artist on almost all the albums is:  Artist (Ya’ll remember him right?? :D). And as you may have guessed the songs are simply named: Track 1-Track 10…ect. So after we had randomly clicked a song we go to stick it in the iPod dock. Now we had brought ours, but they had a nice looking so you know it goes, we simply used their’s. Cool…we listened to music for awhile and eventually somebody turned it off…well later that night and the next day I went to turn on music on the iPod and it wouldn’t turn on. I really didn’t pay attention in my brain I thought somebody must have left it on all night and it must be dead. I left it at that and went to do something else. The weird part that I didn’t really realize was that it was both of the iPods. So we get home and I go to re-sync my iPod to get all my good music!! But…the iPod still won’t turn on AND the computer won’t even read it. Well our cord is a little…lets just say used…so I thought it is probably just the cord. I went and got my Dad’s. The iPod still won’t turn on and the computer STILL won’t read the iPod. Now I am realizing something. That my iPod is apparently fried…I was like Oh No!…then I remembered I can just reset ok….no problem. …except the iPod won’t reset…hmm…so I think: I wonder if Dad’s is doing the same thing. So I go check it out. Same problem won’t turn on and won’t reset…so it seems that that NICE iPod dock they had there was actually rather faulty. LOL P.S. If anybody knows how to fix this problem PLEASE let me know!!

Now you are probably thinking: Wow, you must of had an awful vacation. NOT AT ALL…well…almost not at all! 😉 There were definitely good points. Like the private pool right there on our back deck. Nice pool too. And we were only about a minutes walk from the beach. One day we walked to the beach and got to see a beautiful sunset. So there were definitely good points. 

Our vacation REALLY was great with its good AND bad points!! 😀 It might not have been exactly what we had in mind but…we did make memories!! 😀 Anyways…I hope you have enjoyed our vacation (or reading about it) as much we did!! ‘Til next time…

~Honduran Chikka


So I am getting ready to murder this “cute” (notice the quotation marks) little dog of ours. Let me explain. Me and Oreo (that is the dog’s name just in case you were wondering) have this love-hate relationship. I love (could be past tense soon) her, and she hates me. It’s as simple as that!! URG Oh…and let me say one thing, it is pretty bad when not even the dog likes you!! LOL

But really, I don’t know what I did to that dumb (excuse my language) dog!! Like every time I walk out the door, she comes running and I get all excited and kneel down to pet her and love her and…SHE STARTS BITING ME!!!! Like…EXCUSE YOU!! She also likes to bite and pull on anybody’s skirt. She ruined (almost) Sis. D’s skirt this morning. Dude…so yeah…I’m done now. I just had to vent. LOL

So this week is Bible School and we are cooking for all the guys so I have been extremely busy and I should probably go back and be busy again but…I had to let ya’ll all know what I thought of that dog!!! Thank you to all of you who payed attention and read the whole post!! Love ya’ll

~Honduran Chikka

P.S. When did I start saying so all the time?? 😉

RIOT part 1

So where do I start? Everything about my trip was incredible! It wasn’t any ONE part of my trip (even though there were many highpoints), but rather it was all those highpoints that made one incredible trip. I cannot believe all that God did for me that trip. God talked to me in a special way. Yet, it seems I have come away a little empty. It wasn’t a long trip getting me down; it was church without a move of God. No, rather it was almost like I couldn’t let me really allow myself to sit back and just savor His presence.

RIOT was incredible. I haven’t been to many youth camps in my life, but that is one of the most incredible ones that I have been to. It isn’t just the people or the spirit of God. It isn’t just my UN-biased view!! 😀 But there is something so real, so true. There are not boy-girl conflicts (and everybody knows what I am talking about). Those moments when one boy decides that he likes this one girl and so she finds out. She decides she likes him back and WHAMO…LOTS of problems!! Through the non-existence of the problem the young people are opened up to look more for God.

What an incredible thing to watch young people who WANT to serve God.  But that is not even the best part. The best part is when you get them together and have a service. It is definitely God that makes the difference in any service, but I wholeheartedly believe that it also depends on how we seek him. It depends on what kind of heart we seek him with. To watch all these young people reach on to God and to each other in the services was…I am without words to describe it, but it was so real.

There were several young people that were struggling with different problems there in those services, and I watched how God touched them. I saw how time and time and again, different people reached out to pray for them. Sometimes it was just a laying the hand on their shoulder for a second, other times they would gather around and dance with them. If someone from the world would have walked in at any moment through the service they might have thought they were all crazy, but not so. There was just a special presence of God that moved in that place. Other times the same young people that had their different needs, would reach out and begin to pray for someone else. It seemed that within minutes God had blessed them just as much or more then the person they were praying for. Was God playing favorites? No. He was blessing them for reaching out to others in their time of need. Or better yet, he was just blessing them.

Oh, there is no way to put it words all that happened in the services. It was more than just youth camp. You can tell me I’m biased. You can try to convince me that I don’t know what I am talking about. Forgive me, but you cannot tell me that you can find that just any place. Can it happen everywhere? Yes.  Does it happen everywhere? No. You can tell me what it’s because of this or that, but I will tell YOU one thing. It is because they have a pastor and wife who are connected with God. It is because they have dedicated people who are trying to serve God. It’s because they have a strong foundation. It’s because their primary focus is Jesus Christ. That is what is missing in a lot of Pentecost today. In some places it is obvious that their focus is anywhere BUT Jesus Christ. It is sad, but you go to places like FWC and you realize that there is still a church. God still does have a people, and they are STILL moving forward!!

As you may have guessed from what you have read so far, church was definitely the highest point of all the high points. But I can’t tell all of RIOT in one post so…this is the first part. Keep your hat on for the second part.  Until then…

~Honduran Chikka


Well…I am back to the crazy world of trying to keep up with my blogging while holding two jobs. Big sis, S.S. teacher, and best daughter in the world. (Oops…that is three jobs…) LOL…everybody say: RIGHT!!!! *roll eyes* Ok, so maybe it isn’t that drastic but…if you know me then you know what I am talking about! 😀 Anyways…I want to try to get back into this.

So what all has been going on in my life since I last REALLY posted on here? Hmm….well…A LOT!!! But I will just post the important stuff and save the not-so-important stuff for days when I don’t really have anything to talk about!! HAHA (I know…sweet of me, right? What can I say…I just can’t help myself) So the high points:

~ Family Camp 2010

~Minister’s Retreat

~Two weddings


~Prince Edwards Island


~Some new pictures


~Getting to spend time with my bestie


And finally:


As you may be able to guess…RIOT was amazing…and you will be hearing more about that…but I got to start at the top of the list so…hang in there…all that and more coming riiight up!! HAHA

~Honduran Chikka

Well…I think I’m back!! LOL

It seems that I am coming back into the blogger world. I have soooo missed my blog!! Sometimes I would think of something to blog about, and wouldn’t be able to blog it. Or I would have time…sit down…and forget what I was going to blog about. It was a little annoying! A lot happened while I was gone. Pretty much…everybody coped REALLY well without me…then decide they can’t do it anymore when I get back so…its back to the grind! LOL JK I am very glad to be home. 

Soon I will post everything…ya’ll will just have to give me a chance. Hopefully you will see a whole lot more of me entering into this month! ‘Til then…