Brittany Davis

OK, I am honest…I LOVE THIS GIRL!!! She just rocks…and you GUYS…she is single! LOL 😉

Brittany Davis has been an incredible friend ever since we first met. She has put up with me throughout all that time. She is a teacher at a bilingual school here in Honduras. She lives about two hours away from us so we don’t get to see each other very often. But she is definitely one of my role models. I even remember telling Dad that she was one of my role models on the way to the States in January…I think!! *wink wink* Anyways….I love ya, girl!!

Don’t ask…she was just getting a little too much info!! 🙂 JK
She is the one in the middle! (Oh, and I need to make it 
clear that all these girls are my friends…except maybe 
the geek on the side! 😉 )

Love ya, girl!


My Pizza Hut experience

So my opinion of PH is kinda going-down-the-tubes. LOL So we went to eat at Pizza Hut last night, and the whole experience started out on the wrong foot. As we entered I just happened to glance over at take-out area. There was a young man (a worker from Pizza hut) getting ready to take his order. (Here they deliver the call-in orders on motorcycles.) So this young man has his box open and he is looking at the order he is about to take and he is calling something to I guess the cook. BEFORE MY VERY EYES I watched as he PICKED something off this SOMEBODY else’s pizza with his BARE, PROBABLY DIRTY, hands!!!! Ok, so I think I am skipping take-out for awhile (at least from PH). So they seat us and everything went fine as we ordered and ate, then right when we were about to leave, they start setting up this table next to ours. When I say NEXT to -ours I mean I could have used the seat from the other table for an arm-rest. I am thinking, dude, only in Honduras…

There was also some interesting people, but we don’t have time… It was quite an experience…

You gotta love a little child’s ignorance. Especially one that was born in the 21st Century. So Josiah, Sarah, and Lydia have this little Dr. kit. It is really cute it has all the little things that drs need. It has a stethoscope, a plastic syringe, the little “knee hammer”, a little scalpel, and some cute little glasses without the little “ear arms”. There was also a little plastic thermometer, the old kind except it is just a plastic thing with a sticker.

So some of the kids were playing with the kit and they were “working” on Lydia. Josiah decided he needed to take Lydia’s tempature so he stuck the little thermometer under her arm. After leaving it for a few seconds he pulled it out and said:


LOL! Just like a digital thermometer!! I love it!!! 😀

My dream vehicle

This is the vehicle that I have ALWAYS dreamed of owning!!! LOL Some people are like why that? My Mom even said, Allana, I just don’t think that you are the F150 kind of girl!! Yep, that’s right! The nice F150 is my dream vehicle, I was think like a F350 but I think that would be just a little TOO big. There’s only one problem with ever getting this truck (not that I see it happening or anything) and that is that I am afraid the guys would be circling my truck instead of me!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Sorry!! Anyways…

You guys I am swooning over here!! 

Rebecca Foster

Well, since you are such a good friend, I figured that my next “friend-post” will be on you. I have to say that I appreciate how much you put up with me when I was littler. I am so glad that we are a little closer than we were the first time you came down to Honduras. I remember being jealous of you through-out your first trip here. Several times I would get mad and jealous at you, but now we are pretty close and I am sooo glad that God has placed you in my life to be one of my best friends. Love ya bunches, girl!! (And I even restrained from calling you: patita!!! *wink wink*)

I know that you don’t really like this picture…but I love it soo….  😀
Burger King is NASTY!!!
😉 I love this picture!! (More for the people…um…well you know… :D)
I look retarded!!! SERIOUSLY

Just so that you would know…

UGH…so I have been really sick, it is awful!!! But today I feel a little bit better. So that is why I haven’t been posting. I just thought I would let everybody know! So I will try to post in this coming week! Oh, and I haven’t posted my friend-post this week yet. I will try to do that today!

"Mr. Pot-head" Hopefully the last post!!! :D

Ok, you guys, so I have finally worked up the nerve to discuss the whole “Mr. Pot-head” incident. Ok, so this is going to be hard but I am going to do it.  So, how was I supposed to know…I had no idea and I am so embarrassed and…WHATEVER…  LOL

So, while the kids were playing with the pots and messing around they were calling themselves “Pot-heads” so…I mean, obviously I would put that as the subject with the pictures. I mean wouldn’t you? I had no idea. If I would have known I probably would have put that as the subject anyway, but, I prefer to KNOW these things!! 😀 So when Mom read the post, and just lost it, I knew it wasn’t over the pictures. I KNEW…I just looked at her though. She turned to mean and she said, “Do you know what that means?” And I said “What did I  do now?” The rest is history that was clearly explained by my Mom in her post. Anyways…I figured I would let everyone know that I am not embarrassed (anymore) :D!!