"Squaring off" the house!!! HAHA

LOL…I had the funniest experience yesterday! 😀 My Dad took Me, Nathaniel, and Josiah to our property. At the property there is creek that runs along the back. Every time it rains…it washes sand  (good, expensive sand) down from somewhere up the creek and we always shovel it out. So when we got there…but dives straight for the creek and starts digging. Josiah started doing “whatever”. So I was waiting for Dad to tell me what he wanted me to do. Finally he told me to come help him, I said ok. He told me we were going to “square off” or “square in” the house. Which just means that we were like putting stakes and and tying cord to them to get the lines of the house…or something like that. HAHA!!! The only problem was that I think we “octogonaled off the house”!!!

It started out good…he put the main stick down, and told me to butt the tape measure up against the post. I did! Dad put down that stake and we repeated this process to two other times and now had three stake up. Dad decided he would re-measure everything to make sure we had it right so far. LOL This was when the fun began!!! We started to re-measure…and the first one went ok. The second had to be moved but only 1/4 of an inch. LOL By the time we got to the 3rd stake it seemed like we were like 4 inches off. We repeated THIS process several times, and much to my amusement Dad started muttering to himself. He would mutter something and then he would say to me…ok go back to this other stake and will measure __________. So I would go back and he would mutter some more….then he would move the stake a little…double check it and say…ok come back over to this one. He would measure that one and then he would have to move IT a little bit. Then he had me got back to the first one and repeat the process…all the while muttering!!! IT was TOOOO funny! Finally he said, “Man, these stakes seem to be moving themselves”, then he got up and went and shoveled sand!! It was sooooo funny! So in the end …we did…nothing…haha…but it was sure funny doing it! Hopefully it will a little better today…he has some men helping him…men that know how to construct house….or at least “square it off”!!


Dad’s surprise birthday party…in Tocoa!

Last Sunday was Dad’s b-day and the church in Tocoa decided to throw him a surprise b-day party! It was also a combination Father’s Day party, because FD here in Honduras was last week. All the fathers got to participate in the games, and there was loads of laughter. They played pin the tail on th donkey,

(this picture is shown without the tail).
They also played pass the bundle. This is a game in which the participants sit in a circle and as music is played (or people sing) the bundle (usually several bags wrapped up together) is passed from player to player until the music stops. The player is than (normally) asked to do some kind of action or do something strange or funny, and then the game continues. They however let the person decide what they wanted to do…this lead to…I am not sure what it led too! 😀 It lead to the following…URGG…I had the funniest video clip of one of the participants! But I guess I will have to post it separately. I will let you know where and when I post it…until then…

Savor the moments…

Wow! How time flies. Too many things have happened in my life, and in the most important part of each moment, I want sit an savor the feelings. But, life keeps moving on and I have to go with it. I come upon the next moment in time, but there is hardly even time to experience this one…much less savor it. So I go on, again. But there is one time in my busy life, full of “moments”, that time literally stands still. It’s in the presence of the Lord. There I can let the cares of this world fall away and just SAVOR the moment or momentS!!! It doesn’t matter if another “moment” wants to come along. It doesn’t matter if there is something else to do…because all schedule and to-do list fall to one side. Right now, its just me and God!!…and that is enough! I don’t need anything else to fill my time. I am not looking for other time-consuming projects. Right now I am with God, and that is enough!!!

What about you? How many times do you let the cares of this world, or things like to-do lists and schedules, take up the time that we should be spending with God? We try to uselessly to savor moments of temporary happiness. We grab at moments is time when we feel good, and try to treasure those as lasting memories, but there is only one place where you can find true happiness. There is only one place where true happiness is achieved. It’s…in the presence of the Lord! Stop, take a moment, and just ENJOY God!!

Well…that is my important statement for the day! LOL Most of ya’ll probably didn’t even understand. But at least try…



What does normal mean…because it seems that is what my life is going BACK to! LOL I am not even sure what I am saying… No, I am sure…I am just not sure how to say it! It has been a long time since our life has been “normal” (or according to my Mom: Without visitors :D). What was “abnormal” has become normal in my life…  Now everybody is gone and life has returned to “normality”. Yet, as I sit here and reflect I realize I miss “abnormal”, because it has become the standard. What once was a burden and drudgery has now become day-to-day! (Don’t get me wrong, I love visitors! Our whole family does.) I have learned a lot in these last couple of months. While Mom has been on bedrest and I have been trying to keep the world from falling apart (literally), I have learned some life lessons that I will never forget.  Below are some of the things that I learned:

1.    1.   Don’t give up on God!

2.     2.  Your road may seem long, and like it is never going to end. But…God will work it out. One day it will be over, and you will be left bored because of the lack of activity in your life (like me ;D).

3.    3.   Life’s problems aren’t as big as they look and can be mastered with patience.

4.   4.    Oh and last but most definitely NOT LEAST…don’t ever take in 20 year old boys…especially when your Mom is on bed rest and YOU are TRYING to keep things under control.