Trip to Canada-Part II

Well…the services were real good…I enjoyed every one…but then came the “REAL” fun part (right Vanessa?)!! LOL And yes when I say that I say it in a sarcastic manner! :p Anyways the first night it was all good…I met this girl named Vanessa (I am still trying to figure out if that is a good or not…lol…jk)…and by the time we had to go back to our room we were like besties…literally! ANd for those of you that know me well…you know that I am not like that! (Is it true or not?) Anyways…the second night…our friendship was tested…or rather I think that all of Vanessa’s friends had their friendships tested…LOL…why?? Well it was her night to watch the kids…lol…now that was interesting. Now I am live in a house with 5…achum…4 kids and I work in Sunday School at our church (ages 2-13+…all in one class) soo I am used to being around kids and dealing with them and really to me it was fun! But Vanessa…well…that is a different story entirely…LOL…and all the other girls that were there can correct me if I am wrong but…Vanessa went a little crazy (so crazy that fearing for the children’s safety we tied her to a chair and left her out in the cold without a coat to sober her up…jk…it didn’t get quite that bad…just close…lol) anyways…we really did think that she was going to hurt herself…and maybe a couple of the kids…but amazingly we all came out of there alive.

Now being the smart…no intelligent (beautiful…oh…ok sorry) kind of girl that I am…I found the only kid that wouldn’t talk back to me…1-2 month old Brodie! LOL So Vanessa did have her hands a little fun! The funny thing is that she went so crazy with them…that she decided to pitch in every meal (with a little prompting from me of course)…and me being the loyal friend that I am…I went with her buuuuuuut….I went and got Brodie too! LOL She really enjoyed that…I could tell especially when after I got him without her knowing she would come back to our table and find me and him and say-“OH NO…you are not going to hold that baby…ALLANA you are NOT holding that baby!” And me being the loving and kind friend that I am I convinced her that I had WAY more practice then she did with the babies (note: that only worked twice) and that I only got to hold him right then whereas she had all her life to hold him (being her cousin and all…though I don’t know what he will think if at age 30 she asks to hold him…lol! My advice, Vanessa : Don’t try it! :p)

Anyways…so my trip to Canada was one long babysitting trip…but I enjoyed it IMMENSELY…especially cause I got to spend it with my now best friend! Love ya girl!

Then on the way back we went to see this lighthouse…it was OK and and that is about all I want to say about the lighthouse. If you really want to know about it and get the 2 pics I took there just email me.

Until later!


Trip to Canada-Part I

Ok…so I know everybody has been anxiously awaiting pics and new of my trip…welll…Umm…I don’t know about this but…here goes!!

The trip up was awesome! If you are looking for a fall vacation…Fly to Boston and travel up to Plaster Rock (and I will tell you why there in just a minute). It was the prettiest drive I have ever taken…except that pretty isn’t good enough! We flew all the way from San Pedro Sula, Honduras, to Boston MA…it was a loooong trip to say the least. I didn’t really appreciate the trip the night we got to Boston because I was freezing and EXHAUSTED…and couldn’t even think -Awesome we are in Boston- But the next day when I got up and looked out the window…I realized just how worth it, it had been! The leaves were just beginning to change and it wasn’t nothing compared to what we saw once we got up to Canada and Maine, but it was beautiful to me! You see…our trees don’t change in Honduras. They are always the same green (or most of the time brown…lol) that they have always been…and when I saw the changing colors…well maybe you can’t really understand what I felt…but to me it was the prettiest thing ever!

The farther north we traveled the prettier it was…but then we crossed into Canada…and it just got better. To say the least…it was a beautiful trip!

Now the reason that you need to go to Plaster Rock, which is in New Brunswick(I hope that I spelled that right….probably didn’t though…so my sincere apology to you Canadiens…I am sure one of you will correct me) is that there is one of the most awesomest…lol…churches in the world(and I am not kidding). My Dad said that “in all of my 37 years I have never been in a church like that before” and I totally agree with him. It was also one of the best conferences I have ever been to…(sorry AMCers…but it doesn’t even come CLOSE…).

One thing though that they teach in there church is that all of the girls wear hats while in the church. I have to be honest and say that I am not entirely sure why…but out of respect for that we wore hats. Now…I had NEVER worn a hat before…before I went to Canada (To all of those of you that saw me in Canada – No, I had never worn hats before…(that’s why I went over to Vanessa’s house in between services…so that her mom or her could help me pin on my hat…jk) that is also why my hat kinda…achum…slid around the first night…because I pinned it on…LOL)…So…let’s just say that we had…ummm…achum…several little incidents…and yes that is where I got the small hole the size of the grand canyon in my finger…pinning my hat on!!! LOL I was also a little unconfortable with it the first time and that mixed with exhaustion caused tears…I was crying because I really felt uncomfortable…but more because I was soo tired that I about fell asleep in church that night(Canadiens: Again for all of you that saw me come in with such um…achum…poise…I really did shed tears before I came over to the church with my hat) Now it would only be fair to say that the whole night my eyes kept watering from tiredness so it might have been becuase of that…lol!).

The services were like none I had ever seen before…the worship was just sooo pure and clean. And they was such a sense of the Golden Rule in that church that you don’t see anywhere else. Everybody served everybody else before serving themselves (except for the older guys who I think thought that a famine was coming because for some reason they just had to be first in the salad bar line and the dessert table…of course it was kinda of scary seeing all those vegetarians huh, Vanessa?? :d LOL)…oh but I almost forgot…there was one young man that was very attentive to me…a little too much…just for being so nice we nick-named him squirt. If you know whom I am talking about…don’t tell him…something tells me he wouldn’t appreciate that too much. LOL

Well I have to go so I will continue tommorrow! Sorry for leaving off in the middle…well I kinda like keeping people hanging…LOL