Hold out for another year or two.

The older you get, the busier life seems to get. Of course, I am sure that has to do more with our choices than anything else, but sometimes it sure feels like life barrels right on without even asking us twice (or the first time).

I am not going to make any excuses or promises for my blog. *laughs* It is a sorry, seemingly forgotten, piece of my world. But, like I said, life has been crazy.

On July 5, we flew out of San Pedro Sula headed for a three week “sabbatical”. *Okay, I just looked that word up to make sure I had used it correctly. Come to find out, we did NOT have a three week sabbatical. More like a three week time of…R&R…kind of…* Although I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the States during March (and, yes, I realized I never blogged about that.), that trip was a real whirlwind. Thankfully this trip was much less hectic. We got to spend time with both sets of grandparents, and got to see many members of our extended family. That was a really enjoyable time.

The main attraction for this time, however, was Heritage (at least for me). Don’t get me wrong, I love my family. But I really enjoyed my time at Heritage. I am not sure where to start with Heritage.

This year, there was an incredible lineup of preachers. Each preacher was over seventy years old. They had so much wisdom and experience to impart with us, because of how many years they have lived, and how many things they have seen. God spoke through each of the elders there! The Word of God was amazing, in every service. And the Presence of God, especially during prayer, was absolutely amazing. God really cares about us young people. There was a very deep and real Spirit of God that could be felt in each service. Almost all the services ended in wave after wave of the Glory of God that no one wanted to leave.

I know that that simple paragraph does not do any justice to the conference, but I guess for me, there are really no words to truly be able to describe.

The fellowship was wonderful as well. I had such a wonderful time meeting (for the first time in person): Hanna Kifle, Bro. Coco Kifle, Andew Klann, and (my kindred spirit…unfortunately. haha) Cherie Marchbanks. Our group was rounded out by my other old (old being relative, of course) friends: Bethany and Nicole Wakefield, Mary Ginty, Cara Wilkins, Denae Abbott, and Johnny Collins. …last but not least, and most certainly not forgotten, Nathaniel and Sarah Schreckhise. This was the (pretty) well-rounded group that hung out together during Heritage. I am thankful for good friends that God puts in our life. We made lots memories…the majority of which I cannot remember right now. But, I will remember them when they count. (Like when I need to get someone back for something. 😀 muwahahaha)

Of course, I have like no pictures. I do have pictures of Garden of the Gods. That was a lot of fun, and really beautiful…but it will have to be a separate blog post.

Anyways, so that is the very abbreviated version of our trip to the States (this is what happens when I am doing this while I am tired). We got back last Tuesday. I have a testimony. As we traveled back to Honduras, I was praying a lot asking God to provide a job for me down here. I know my God is a prayer-answering God, but he blew me out of the waters. We got in on a Tuesday. Wednesday morning, I rode to town with my dad and left my resume at several different schools. A couple of hours after I left the last one, they called and basically offered me the job…without having met with me at all. By Thursday morning I had confirmed I had a job. So I am STBS’s newest (super excited) teachers assistant. Just found out today that I will be working in Kindergarten. Looking forward to what this school year will bring.

So that is the short abbreviated version of what is going on around here. Hope ya’ll enjoy it, and that enough to hold you over for another year or two. 🙂

That is, again the super abbreviated version of, what is going on around here. Hope ya’ll enjoyed.


My Tribute

You know those moments when God gives us the opportunity to step into another dimension in worship…and we hold back? Yeah, me too. What causes us to hold back? I’m sure it must be different things. Yet, there is one thing that is common to all afterwards. Disappointment. Don’t we all look out ourselves afterwords with frustration, or perhaps disgust, thinking–why didn’t I just do it? But we listened to the other voice. Shyness? Embarrassment? Pride?

On Saturday, July 19, an amazing Apostolic young man died. Traveling home from PEAK, a youth conference, Trenton Wade Bass was involved in a fatal car accident. He was the only one involved that was killed. Was God caught unaware?

It caught so many of us off gaurd. I will not lie and begin to tell you that Trenton and I were very close, or even relatively close. That would just be a mockery. But, I have always loved and admired his mom. I loved his family as a whole. Dearly. I have cried and mourned with this family in their time of loss.

Yet, I do not want to talk just of his death. A few days ago, I took some time to see what he had been doing in his last (unbeknownst to him) days. As I did, a story began to surface. A story that has touched my life. A story that he did not know was going to be told.

Thursday night service, from what I have heard, was an amazing service. I was not there, and did not hear the service myself. 

“On Thursday night of PEAK, Bro. Young preached about giving your all in worship and gave scriptures about dancing. At the end, he talked about how sometimes one person needs to do something radical. Trenton jumped up on the platform and started dancing with all his might. I’ll never forget seeing him up there, and how surprised I was. Pretty soon, the platform filled up with worshipers, and the whole arena of 4,500 people was dancing. The song that was playing was “Freedom”. Everyone remembers that moment, and how he is truly free to dance for eternity in Heaven now.” -Kendra Forrest


It is amazing how many people ended up there on the platform with him, but to me his getting up there is even more amazing. Maybe he was not as uncertain as I am many times. I know that if it were me I would have thought more than twice before getting up there by myself. But, however it came about, he got up there and showed us how it needed to be done. That being said, I don’t think he ever had “showing us” in mind.

When I heard this story, and how many people it has touched (and is still touching), something in me broke. A moment, that I am sure he intended just as worship, has outlived him and has already touched people he never knew. It was one of his last days on earth, and one of his last times to worship on earth–but he didn’t know that. He was just living each day as if it were his last. Serving God to the best of his abilities.

My heart broke, and I cried within. I want to live that way. And, I want to go beyond just saying I want to live that way. A desire was born in me, but not only that… I AM going to live every day as if it were my last. The will to do so was born in me. All because a young man, my age, was taken from this life before WE expected. A reminder that life is but a vapor, and not ours to play with. Trenton didn’t–he dedicated his to God.

Looking back there are things I regret. I wish I would have listened to that still, small voice more often. I wish I had more to show for my life up to this point. I wish I would have gotten to know Trenton better; spent more time with him and his family. But, I can’t change the past. So, somehow, I WILL change the future.

What if God calls me to spend some of my last moments in worship, and I hold back because I am shy? What if, unbeknownst to me, somebody needs my lead during a time of worship; and I let my pride hold me back? What if these moments are my last? What will I do with every moment of my day?

Thank you, Trenton, for teaching us to live every moment as if it were our last. Thank you for living a life that is still inspiring us…and I am sure it will be for years to come. We miss you, but you have achieved something better. Now we just can’t wait to dance with you on streets of gold.

“…Just perhaps its not a tragedy but rather Trenton’s triumph”

-Darren Plowmen


“Trenton Wade Bass, most popular young man in Pentecost–not because he died but because he danced!” -Myles Young.


P.S. I stole some quotes. I would have asked for permission, but I didn’t really know who to ask.

Thank you for your prayers!

To all of you who have been praying for Tonito’s family:

Thank you so much for all your prayers. Tonito received the best healing possible on Wednesday morning. He is now exploring all the wonders of Heaven. He is spending time with the Best Doctor. So, in a sense, this is a victory report. 

Please be in prayer for his family. Although, we know he is so much better than he has ever been, it is still so hard for his family. Let us bind together and ask God to comfort them during their time of grief. 


Please join us in prayer!!

Please join us in praying for a family in Tocoa. This couple has been coming to church for awhile, the wife (Sis. Sandra) got the Holy Ghost a couple years ago. Since then she has done her best to serve God and raise her children to serve Him as well. The husband (Bro. Tonio) has been coming as well, but has never got the Holy Ghost. As you might can imagine, this has been a little hard for Sis. Sandra…but she has been very faithful. 

Last December, one of their kids (Tonito, 7) was diagnosed with Leukemia. The only place he could get treatment was in the capital city, Tegucigalpa, which probably close to 12 hrs. from where they lived. They took their son there, and Sis. Sandra stayed with him there for three months at the hospital. But, they couldn’t afford to stay on so she brought Tonito home. They put him in the public hospital (which ,if you know anything about Hispanic countries—or at least Honduras—should tell you a lot) in their home town, Tocoa. If I am not mistaken, they haven’t really been able to treat him in Tocoa, but he has been in the hospital (I guess for the pain). 

Last night they told them there was nothing else they could do for Tonito, and let them go. The doctors told them to take Tonito on to San Pedro Sula, another main city that is about 5 hrs. away from Tocoa. The doctor in Tocoa basically said to take him to San Pedro where they would give him some meds that would basically tranquilize him until he died. Of course, they had didn’t want to take him last night, but he didn’t sleep at all. So, this morning they called the assistant pastor in Tocoa and asked if he could take them (they don’t have a vehicle).

My heart is so heavy as I write this post. To know that, in essence, they are taking their son to a hospital where they are basically just going to put him to sleep (forgive my rather “crude” manner of expressing this…but this is just reality) must be breaking their hearts. Would you please join us in prayer for this family. There are so many needs involved in this situation.

~Healing: Most of the doctors have said that they can’t do anything else to help him. This is especially the case many times in the public hospitals…everything’s free…but there is not a lot of help or good news to be had. We know that whatever happens, Tonito will be healed. The Lord is able to heal him RIGHT NOW–a complete remission. If the Lord chooses to take him to Heaven, then he will be healed as well.  

~Rest: They need both spiritual and physical rest. 

~Faith: Pray that the Lord would increase their faith throughout this time…no matter the outcome. You know, it is so easy for me to type up this post, and so easy for you to read it. But, there is a pain so real that is hanging over this family right now. 

Some of you know them, but many of you don’t. And sometimes it is harder to pray for someone you don’t know. But, let us bind together and touch the throne of God. He is able to heal, and he is able to comfort. Thank you for your prayers ahead of time. 



I have been arrested…

…or at least threatened. 😮 I have been contacted by the blog police, and threatened within an inch of my life. I was told that I would even be arrested. (Of course, I have always wanted you to come see me, Mary. Make sure you bring the whole police force. *wink) But, it IS waaaaaay past time I updated this thing.

Sorry, it’s been so long. I realize I need to finish my story on my trip to the States. I left out the best part! 😀 …well, really it was all good. But, I still need to finish.

Wow, so where did I leave off? Let’s see…


Oh yes, I was recovering from my sickness. Although I was greatly disappointed that I didn’t get to meet the Hams, I did enjoy my time there in Broken Bow. Once my family got back from the trip down to LA, we settled in for a couple of weeks with my Mawdy (I think. …everything is a little fuzzy now that several months and church events plus a couple of family birthdays have passed; but I will get to that…next year. *wink*). I love the colors of Fall, I think it is probably my favorite time of year. In Honduras we have two seasons: hot and not so hot. Uh, sorry, I mean summer and…er..winter (if you can call it that.) *grin* I enjoyed walking down Mawdy’s driveway a snapping some pictures of all the colors

.Image                        Image

Of course, by the time we these pictures were taken, Oklahoma was really already in its winter. But, it had more autumn colors then Honduras ever does, so…

Trip to SDC, Thanksgiving 104


      These youngsters (*wink*) took themselves off for a romantic (read no-kids) date to celebrate their 19th wedding anniversary.

Trip to SDC, Thanksgiving 100

Once Mom and Dad had left, I took all the kids down to the end of Mawdy’s driveway. They had fun riding their bikes down to the end, and then they were all fascinated as I demonstrated how you could make the semi-truck drivers honk their horns. They didn’t believe me when there was no response from the first truck…however the next truck that went by was a different story, and they were hooked. …although, I am not sure who was having more fun–the kids, or the drivers?? I almost think they started radioing the guys coming behind. “There are a bunch of little kids, bundled up in winter coats. Yeah, I know it is only 70 out. Anyways, they are all lined up along the highway waiting for a truck to go by and honk.” Next driver was like, “Yeah, they even got ski caps on…and scarfs. *boisterous  laughter* Can you believe it?? Oh you guys, gotta see this.”



You can click on the pictures to make them bigger.

We also got to celebrate Thanksgiving with our extended family, which was incredibly awesome. It had been awhile since we had seen them, and forever since we had been with them over the holidays, so it was wonderful!! I am going to attach either a slideshow or gallery below, but absolutely HAVE to click on the pictures and read the captions. Toooooo much fun! We had loads of fun playing the Tortilla Toss-up (it actually had a more interesting name…but I can’t remember what it was. Help, Sue??), Knock-Down-the-Water-Bottles (instead of cans), and…I can’t remember what else. But, there were definitely lots of laughs. Oh, this was actually the night BEFORE Thanksgiving.




We had a wonderful time! There is so much more to tell, but I really need to head to bed. I was supposed to be in bed at 10:00, but I was waiting for the pictures to load. It is now 10:02…oh my. (Sorry, Mom! :/) So, I guess the rest will have to come tomorrow.

Until then,








Family Camp Part II

Okay, lets finish this up. Can ya’ll believe that I left the most exciting part of camp out. Well, maybe it isn’t the most exciting…but it certainly is exciting! We had TWENTY-TWO people get the Holy Ghost this year at Camp, and seven were baptized!! Thank you, Jesus!!! We are very excited and thankful.

Our church in La Ceiba covered Sunday School this year. The theme was The Holy Ghost. I had a lot of fun teaching this year. I also want to say how grateful I am for my Sunday School team. None of them read this blog, so this isn’t for them. I am very proud of them, and how God has helped us ALL to grow. I wanted to find out how many of those twenty-two people were kids, but I didn’t have a chance. I do know that there were kids that got the Holy Ghost. Thank you, JESUS!!! Here are some pictures:

(Hint: Click on the pictures to see the full-sized picture and the captions.)

Needless to say, Sunday School was so fun. I love working with kids.

Saturday morning we had good service and we had my Papa Schreckhise preaching for us. Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures. So… 😦 But, it was a good service. Saturday night was a beautiful service. Bro. Wakefield almost didn’t get to preach. In fact, he was really only “testifying”, but when a Apostolic man of God gets up to testify…we know what means!! 😀 Testimony or not, it was good. S

Sunday morning was very special as well. It was such a joy to us to see a ministers under of the main pastors be recognized as a pastor. A new church was born on Sunday. …well, not really. The church has been going for about 4-5 years, and Bro. Marlon has been assisting his pastor (Bro. Adan) there for some time. But, now he is the pastor. It was such a sweet moment. Thank the Lord…once again! So, here are the pictures of the rest of camp:

Oh, and upon looking…I found some pictures of Saturday morning. 🙂 Enjoy.

Once and for all let me say that Camp was excellent this year. I am so thankful for all the Lord did. May He God bless you all just as richly.

Until next time,


Family Camp 2014

Well, I know that you are all waiting for Part II of my trip to the States. Well, it will probably be Parts II-300 (mostly likely *wink). But, some of ya’ll may have noticed I said will be. Today it I wanted to take a little break and share the news of how great our annual Family Camp went. So, buckle your seatbelts…

Family Camp this year was amazing. I would have to say it was the best camp ever. But, I think we say that every year. Of course…every year it is true. We were blessed to have Bro. & Sis. Curtis Wakefield preaching for us. (Side note: I think that we would have been even more blessed if they brought their kids. *achum* Just saying… *wink) Even so, we were truly blessed by the Wakefield’s ministry.

The first night of camp our youth pastor brought in a big, ORANGE extension ladder, and set it up right close to the pulpit. This was about twenty minutes before church started, and although I wondered what he was fixing so late in the game, I didn’t think anything of it. Well, prayer before service that night was absolutely amazing, and I was totally into prayer. Then, Dad called me up to play. So, I am walking up, praying, glancing around at the people and the orange ladder. I get up to…ORANGE LADDER????? WHAT?!?!?! So now, I am playing the piano and trying to get Dad’s attention. …unsuccessfully. So, then my Mom comes up to praise sing. I am thinking…as soon as she gets up here I am going to ask her about that ladder. Maybe we can get it out before anybody notices… She comes up…and immediately closes her eyes. I am like…aah… Finally, I get my mom’s attention, and ask her about the ladder. She just says, Oh Bro. Wakefield asked for it…and closes her eyes again. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Turns out he needed it for his message. It was an amazing message. “Behold, the ladder” We have CDs for sale in the back…I WISH! Did I mention that Bro. Wakefield really blessed us with his preaching? I did? Oh, sorry! *wink*

Notice the orange ladder in the corner. :-o

Notice the orange ladder in the corner. 😮

Here are some just “General”?? pictures:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That was through Saturday night. Afterwards we had a minister’s fellowship at our house. This year we served baked spaghetti, garlic bread, and salad.

Well, folks, believe it or not…this is going to be another Part I. Hopefully…Part II of this will be later on today, or tomorrow.

Thanks for reading,


P.S. I WILL get to Part II of my States Trip Story in the next…year or two. 😀

I almost forgot…

We had a wonderful time with Bro. Tim Adams and his family! It was so good to see Bro. & Sis. Lagunes. …well, it was nice to see Charity… achum. 😉 Just Kidding! We love the Lagunes, and hope to see them down in Honduras sometime soon! And, hopefully they can bring the Adams.